Graphics problems with LyX on Linux Mint

Pavel Sanda sanda at
Sun Mar 22 19:42:52 UTC 2020

On Sat, Mar 21, 2020 at 04:26:15PM +0000, Graeme wrote:
> 4. It seems that changing both the PS and the EPS lines is sufficient to
> resolve both problems, but I don't know whether this is the necessary
> minimum. Is there a better, or safer, way of modifying the file policy.xml?
> Finally, I'm surprised that the problem has so far only been reported for
> Linux Mint, prompting the following questions:
> a) Does Mint have a much stricter security policy for ImageMagick than
> Ubuntu or other Linux distributions?

I think it's time to fill the bug for your distribution.
Theese restrictions were pushed because of new vulnerabilities found
in the imagemagick code and fixed since then. My guess is that they
left those restrictions in place "just for sure" without caring that
some apps like lyx will be affected.


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