Graphics problems with LyX on Linux Mint

Paul A. Rubin parubin73 at
Wed Mar 18 21:40:04 UTC 2020

On 3/18/20 3:19 PM, Graeme wrote:
> I currently use Linux Mint 18.3. Recently I upgraded to LyX 
> using the PPA available at
> xenial main
> Since this upgrade there have been problems with the display of EPS 
> and PDF graphics files in the main LyX editor window, and with the 
> export of files containing PNG and JPEG bitmap images.
> These problems are not evident with LyX on Windows 10, nor 
> were they present with LyX 2.3.3 on Linux Mint 18.3.
> Specifically:
> 1. When including a graphic with either EPS or PDF format, the graphic 
> is not displayed in the main LyX editor window, but instead there is 
> an outline box with the EPS or PDF filename, and below it the error 
> message: Error converting to loadable format.
> The graphic does appear correctly in a PDF file exported using either 
> ps2pdf or pdflatex.
> 2. When including a graphic with PNG or JPEG format, the graphic is 
> displayed correctly in the main LyX editor window, but when attempting 
> to export the LyX file to Postscript, PDF (using ps2pdf), or even just 
> plain LaTeX, an error pop-up window appears with the title:
> LyX: Cannot convert file
> and the message:
> No information for converting png format files to eps. Define a 
> converter in the preferences or No information for converting jpg 
> format files to eps. Define a converter in the preferences.
> The PNG and JPEG graphics do appear correctly in a PDF file exported 
> using pdflatex, but attempting to export with ps2pdf fails.
> When exporting the Progress Log window shows the following messages 
> for a graphic in PNG format:
>> python -tt "/usr/share/lyx/scripts/" png 
>> "/tmp/lyx_tmpdir.fGfmcihv6288/lyx_tmpbuf0/2_home_graeme_Documents_GraphicsTestCircle.png" 
>> eps 
>> "/tmp/lyx_tmpdir.fGfmcihv6288/lyx_tmpbuf0/2_home_graeme_Documents_GraphicsTestCircle.eps" 
>> convert: not authorized 
>> `eps:/tmp/lyx_tmpdir.fGfmcihv6288/lyx_tmpbuf0/2_home_graeme_Documents_GraphicsTestCircle.eps' 
>> @ error/constitute.c/WriteImage/1028.
>> /usr/share/lyx/scripts/ ERROR
>> Execution of "convert" (276): 
>> Systemcall: 'python -tt "/usr/share/lyx/scripts/" 
>> png 
>> "/tmp/lyx_tmpdir.fGfmcihv6288/lyx_tmpbuf0/2_home_graeme_Documents_GraphicsTestCircle.png" 
>> eps 
>> "/tmp/lyx_tmpdir.fGfmcihv6288/lyx_tmpbuf0/2_home_graeme_Documents_GraphicsTestCircle.eps"' 
>> finished with exit code 1
>> Error: Cannot convert file
> I get similar messages for a graphic file in JPEG format.
> My suspicion is that BOTH the problems above may be linked to the use 
> of ImageMagick within, but I am puzzled by the 
> warning message
> "convert: not authorized"
> in the fragment above, suggesting it may be something to do with file 
> or folder permissions.
> However, this does not explain why everything seemed to work OK with 
> LyX 2.3.3 on Mint 18.3
> On Mint 18.3 the system-wide installation of ImageMagick is:
> ImageMagick 6.8.9-9 Q16 x86_64 2019-11-12
> On Windows 10, the LyX2.3.4.3 installer comes bundled with a later 
> version:
> ImageMagick 7.0.9-19 Q16 x86 2020-01-26
> which explicitly lists built-in support for gslib and ps, but 
> ImageMagick 6 does not list these among its "Delegates".
> I would welcome advice on how to fix these problems.
> Graeme
Confirmed here (same OS and LyX version). Turns out it's a security 
issue related to ImageMagick. See this post 
<> for the 
gory details. If you're willing to take the risk (I am), you can follow 
the suggestions in the post, but there may be a quicker way. Wander over 
to /etc/Imagick-6 and list the directory. You should see policy.xml and 
policy.xml.dpkg-old. They former is the higher security/problematic 
policy file in force, and the .dpkg-old version is the looser, less 
secure (but more LyX friendly) version. As root, give the new one a new 
name or extension to keep it (or delete it if you will) and move or copy 
the .dpkg-old version to policy.xml. Worked for me.


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