Invalid UTF-8 byte "F6

Daniel xracoonx at
Thu Mar 12 12:49:42 UTC 2020

On 2020-03-12 13:19, Daniel wrote:
> Hi,
> Suddenly, I am getting the error below when previewing. Does anyone know 
> what might be the issue?
> Best,
> Daniel
> --- below ---
> ! Package inputenc Error: Invalid UTF-8 byte "F6.
> See the inputenc package documentation for explanation.
> Type  H <return>  for immediate help.
>   ...
> l.7 \maketitle
> The document does not appear to be in UTF-8 encoding.
> Try adding \UseRawInputEncoding as the first line of the file
> or specify an encoding such as \usepackage [latin1]{inputenc}
> in the document preamble.
> Alternatively, save the file in UTF-8 using your editor or another tool

Okay, found the problem. For some reason, the encoding of my master 
document (Document > Settings > Language) was set to (non-default) utf8 
but the others were (default) latin9. Not sure why it didn't get me into 
trouble before. But now it works again.


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