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Right. That’s even better. Thanks.


> On 12 Mar 2020, at 06:46, Daniel <xracoonx at> wrote:
> On 11/3/20 22:44, Patrick De Visschere wrote:
>>> On 11 Mar 2020, at 17:58, Daniel <xracoonx at <mailto:xracoonx at>> wrote:
>>> On 2020-03-11 08:38, Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
>>>> Am Dienstag, den 10.03.2020, 15:17 +0100 schrieb Daniel:
>>>>> However, often I would like to preview only one child document (e.g.
>>>>> one
>>>>> chapter) while maintaining counters and references. Is there a quick
>>>>> way
>>>>> to do so?
>>>> You mean, without the master? No. I don't think that's possible in
>>>> LaTeX either.
>>>> Jürgen
>>> I see. I wasn't that this is pure LaTeX magic. I guess, I should then just set up my master in such a way that excluding all children except for one chapter leads to my desired result.
>>> Daniel
>> Take a look here:
>> <>
>> With \includeonly{somechapter} in the preamble (of the master) one can limit the output to that chapter.
>> But one must have compiled the complete document once before this will work, because the .aux files of all childs are needed.
>> This works straight away with e.g. TexShop.
>> With lyx one must first compile (only once I think) the complete document and then one can enter the \includeonly{name_used_by_lyx} command in the preamble of the master.
>> You will have to look up the correct name in the master.tex file generated by lyx (in the temp directory) since the filenames are modified.
>> Thanks for bringing this up. I was looking for it too.
>> Patrick
> Patrick, I think the functionality your are mentioning that LaTeX has for this is actually already integrated into LyX. Have a look at Document > Settings > Child Documents. Here you can set which child documents to put into the \includeonly command and also choose whether the aux file of the whole document should be generated or not (via the maintain counters and references checkbox).
> Normally, I had some content in my master document that was not part of a child document, e.g. title, table of contents, bibliography, etc. But now, I just put those into their own child documents ("front matter" and "back matter"). Then I can compile just a single chapter using LyX's functionality. Now that I think of it, pretty straight forward to arrange a document like this.
> Since it is so straight forward and going back to the master to set to only include one chapter is a bit cumbersome, maybe LyX could give one a special Preview option on child documents, called "Preview Master with Child Document Only" or so. This option will typeset the master with the \includeonly command containing only the current child document while maintaining counters and references. That would be very handy, if one needs to send or print out only single chapters without any other material.
> Daniel
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