Endless typesetting with enabled Show changes in output

Daniel xracoonx at gmx.de
Fri Feb 28 17:29:00 UTC 2020

On 2020-02-26 23:34, Dr Eberhard Lisse wrote:
> Daniel,
> what is often helpful is to export the files to LaTeX and run that
> manually perusing the log files.
> The tracking feature clashes with a few other packages, for example if I
> mark text with yellow background.
> I personally find it overrated in any case and try to avoid it.  I use
> RCS for everything bigger than a short letter and comparing differences
> between versions in supported within LyX.
> greetings, el


Thanks el.

Unfortunately, LaTeX seems not to even come so far as to create log files.

Also, I have to show my changes to people who don't use LyX. So, I can't 
rely on internal comparison mechanism.


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