Beamer, standard overlay specification, references Problem

Paul A. Rubin parubin73 at
Mon Feb 24 21:14:17 UTC 2020

On 2/24/20 2:51 AM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
> Am 22.02.20 um 20:22 schrieb Paul A. Rubin:
>> On 2/22/20 11:09 AM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>>> If I use in beamer a frame with standard overlay specification and 
>>> references, instead of the second reference the first one is shown 
>>> again. Taking out the standard overlay specification is a remedy. If 
>>> I need to use the standard overlay specification, is there a way to 
>>> circumvent this?
>>> Look at the TEST.lyx and export to pdf > the error occurs
>>> put the standard overlay specification in a note or take it off > no 
>>> error
>>> I use LyX Version 2.3.4
>>> (Sonntag, 12. Januar 2020)
>>> Systemverzeichnis: /usr/share/lyx/
>>> Benutzerverzeichnis: ~/.lyx/
>>> Qt-Version (Laufzeit): 5.12.5
>>> Qt-Version (bei Erstellung): 5.12.5
>>> Wolfgang
>> I tried to compile this and set a new indoor record for "cannot 
>> determine the size of a missing graphic" errors. Can you cut this 
>> down to a minimal example that shows the problem?
>> Paul
> I am awful sorry that I have sent indecently not the almost minimal 
> file I had prepared, but somehow the original file slipped in.
> Wolfgang
No worries. This appears to be a known bug in Beamer. See, for instance, 
the accepted answer here 
You can work around it by setting the overlay specification on the first 
item rather than on the frame. See the attached LyX file, which I 
modified. (I also had to change the bibliography style, since I do not 
have the .bst file you are using, but that should be unrelated to the 
itemization fix.)


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