Get unicode output for quotation marks

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at
Mon Feb 24 13:08:26 UTC 2020

Le 24/02/2020 à 13:34, Daniel a écrit :
> Ah, I see. LyX actually does not use the unicode characters “ and ” but 
> \textquotedblleft and \textquotedblright{} when I insert the unicode 
> character. So, I guess what I want is to have `` and '' be replaced by 
> those commands.
> Yes, using xetex changes the code preview to usage of unicode. Is it on 
> purpse one cannot useb pdflatex that way?

It is a matter of using polyglossia instead of babel, from what I 
understand. There some things (ligatures, spacing) that are handled with 
these improves engines, but not the plain pdflatex with babel.

> 1. If I typeset the document I sent before first with pdflatex and then 
> with xetex I get an error:
>   \babel at aux{english}{}

This is the switch from polyglossia to babel and the fact that we keep 
old aux files to limit the number of TeX runs.

> 2. With xetexThe plain quotation marks show as Mapping=34 in the bookmarks.

What bookmarks are you talking about?

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