[ANNOUNCE] LyX 'Emergency' Release

Ben Houcine benhoucine at rocketmail.com
Sat Feb 22 20:17:06 UTC 2020

 LyX version work well in Windows 10 (Home Version 1909) as of my tests.Slowness in saves seems to have disappeared.

Thanks for the new update.
H. Ben
    On Thursday, February 20, 2020, 07:53:39 AM GMT+1, Liviu Andronic <landroni at lyx.org> wrote:  
 On 2/11/20, Richard Kimberly Heck <rikiheck at lyx.org> wrote:
> This is an emergency release that fixes four bugs in 2.3.4. Only the
> first two really warrant an emergency release, but while we're at it...
Ubuntu packages are now available on the PPA:


> The first, bug #11728, caused a five-second delay when attempting
> to save files on Windows. This was a side effect of the fix for #10091
> and reminds us why it would be good to have more testing on Windows.
> The second bug is discussed in this thread
>    https://www.mail-archive.com/lyx-devel@lists.lyx.org/msg210294.html
> and concerns a crash related to the math toolbar. This was due to an
> uninitialize buffer_ member revealed by the fix for #11586.
> The third, bug #11724, affects Beamer presentations and causes bad output
> when page geometry is set in certain ways. LyX should and how does ignore
> such settings.
> The last, bug #11579, is an old one, but a serious one, that prevents
> the use of CJKUtf8 in ERT. It's a straightforward fix for a bug that is
> pretty serious for people who encounter it.
> All LyX users are encouraged to upgrade to
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