"LaTeX3 Error: Command '\textsi' not yet defined!"

David Pesetsky pesetsk at mit.edu
Sat Feb 15 22:52:45 UTC 2020

I was using Lyx for Mac rather extensively to write a long-ish manuscript about a year ago, but have been away from it for a while.

In the interval, a problem has arisen, though nothing has changed in my setup besides updating Lyx and Latex via TexLive.  I install the embrac package, which ensures non-italic brackets in otherwise italicized environments.  This used to work without a problem, but now generates the error message:

LaTeX3 Error: Command '\textsi' not yet defined!

I am sure of my trouble-shooting, since commenting out the usepackage command eliminates the error.

When I was using Lyx a year ago, I wasn't seeing any mentions of LaTex3, I'm fairly sure (and no errors from embrac).  Any idea what's going wrong and how I can eliminate the problem or work around it?

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