PDF export fails with pdflatex and LuaTeX

Jürgen Spitzmüller spitz at lyx.org
Wed Feb 12 07:24:33 UTC 2020

Am Mittwoch, den 12.02.2020, 07:51 +0100 schrieb Martin Weise:
> The file was there; however, it was empty.

So this is definitely the culprit.

> I added the line as per your suggestion. 

I suggest to not only add this one line, but use the whole file I sent.

> Unfortunately, pdflatex still
> produces a dvi file.
> Anything I need to do additionally, i.e. to activate the new config
> file?

Yes, you need to run (as root presumably)

fmtutil --all


fmtutil --byengine pdftex
fmtutil --byengine luatex

to regenerate the formats.

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