[ANNOUNCE] LyX 'Emergency' Release

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at lyx.org
Wed Feb 12 05:45:12 UTC 2020

This is an emergency release that fixes four bugs in 2.3.4. Only the
first two really warrant an emergency release, but while we're at it...

The first, bug #11728, caused a five-second delay when attempting
to save files on Windows. This was a side effect of the fix for #10091
and reminds us why it would be good to have more testing on Windows.

The second bug is discussed in this thread
and concerns a crash related to the math toolbar. This was due to an
uninitialize buffer_ member revealed by the fix for #11586.

The third, bug #11724, affects Beamer presentations and causes bad output
when page geometry is set in certain ways. LyX should and how does ignore
such settings.

The last, bug #11579, is an old one, but a serious one, that prevents
the use of CJKUtf8 in ERT. It's a straightforward fix for a bug that is
pretty serious for people who encounter it.

All LyX users are encouraged to upgrade to

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