Issue with dv2dt.exe and msvcr100.dll

Baris Erkus bariserkus at
Mon Feb 10 20:26:54 UTC 2020

I have been encountering the attached error when LyX starts for some of 
the fresh installs of 64 bit of Windows 10, Enterprise Ed..

This error occurs if instant preview is on, where, I believe, dv2dt.exe 
is rendering the math equations and such.

I found the problem happens to be related to the msvcr100.dll file. For 
some installs of the Windows, this file is an older version that goes 
back to 2002. Some fresh installs of Windows 10 have the useful version 
though. Maybe some of the programs overwrites an older version of this 
file, I wouldn't know.

There are various versions of 64 bit msvcr100.dll on the net. I do not 
know which versions work, but the one that I found working is version 
10.9.40219.325 dated 11-Jun-11 2:58AM.  I overwrite the file under the 
C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder with the working version.

(FI: I have almost all versions of MS VC++ Redistributable installed, 
which apparently does not install a recent version of this dll.)

One can also try to use the msvcr100.dll file that comes with the 
dvitools at

I think I got mine from an older version of dvitools; I did not try the 
newer versions.

I do not think this is a bug, but maybe something to look at by 

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