PDF export fails with pdflatex and LuaTeX

Kornel Benko kornel at lyx.org
Mon Feb 10 16:34:58 UTC 2020

Am Mon, 10 Feb 2020 16:54:27 +0100
schrieb Martin Weise <M at rtinWeise.de>:

> > I'm wondering whether LyX successfully compiles the PDF file in the
> > temp directory but then fails to copy or move it to the target directory.
> >
> > Paul
> >  
> No, Document -> View (pdflatex) produces nothing either. Nor does the
> LuaTeX way. LyX leaves no pdf file in the temp dir. It just leaves .aux,
> .dvi,. log, .tex and .dep-pdf files.
> Martin

That (.dvi) is the clue probably. Select different output in
Document->Settings...->Formats->Default output format: -> PDF (pdflatex)

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