red rectangle under one superscript

Wolfgang Engelmann engelmann at
Mon Feb 10 14:30:58 UTC 2020

Am 10.02.20 um 15:17 schrieb Jean-Marc Lasgouttes:
> Le 10/02/2020 à 15:16, Wolfgang Engelmann a écrit :
>>> The red mark is what we put when a preview is supposedly too small, 
>>> so that people notice the math inset. The limit value is 10 pixels at 
>>> 100dpi, therefore the equivalent of 0.1 inch. It may be that we 
>>> should make the limit lower.
>>> JMarc
>> ok, now I understand. Does this limit concern the lyx view or the pdf 
>> view?
> Only the LyX view. Note also that we have a text-base super/subscript 
> inset for cases like your example.
> JMarc
I set the lyx view size from 200 to 210, and the red mark disappeared.
However, setting the size back to 200, no red mark is now shown
I bit strange

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