bbding symbols are hyooge

Maria Gouskova gouskova at
Fri Jan 17 17:48:14 UTC 2020

Hi LyX users,

Can anyone reproduce this? All I have in my sample file is
\usepackage{bbding} in the preamble, and something like \Checkmark{} or
\FiveStar{} in the body of the file. These used to come out to scale with
the text, and now they are absolutely enormous in the PDF. Doesn't seem to
depend on whether non-TeX fonts are used. I have LyX 2.3.3 on Linux Mint; I
think at least as recently as this past May (2.3.2?), bbding worked fine.

(I can produce a checkmark with \checkmark{} from the amsmath package, so
this isn't critical, just kind of weird.)

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