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On 1/14/20 11:39 AM, F M Salter wrote:


    Paul A.
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    On 1/14/20 10:35 AM, F M Salter wrote:


              More problems which are really weird.

             I can generate pdflatex output for the user guide but if I
         copy itto a new file the copy will not compile stating that
         ltxcmnds.sty isrequired!  Any ideas?


         Frank Salter

    Just to be clear, when you say "copy it to a new file" you
    meancopyingthe file at the system level, as opposed to creating an
    emptydocumentin LyX and then pasting the content of the user guide
    intothatdocument, correct?


    Sorry I mean copy and paste.

    Regards Frank

In that case, I suggest looking at your default template for 
newdocuments. You may be loading something there that requires the 
missingstyle file.


	Thanks. You are quite correct. I had \renewcommand{\floatpagefraction}{0.8}
	I don't know why the style files is not found as it is present in updated texlive 20019.

Regards Frank

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