Documents>Settings does not show any items | WAS >Re: Beamer > blue line at left of frame > how to get rid of it

Wolfgang Engelmann engelmann at
Sat Jan 11 17:11:19 UTC 2020

Am 11.01.20 um 17:35 schrieb Jürgen Spitzmüller:
> Am Samstag, den 11.01.2020, 17:12 +0100 schrieb Wolfgang Engelmann:
>> if I click on Documents> Settings, I get a blank display instead of
>> the normal display with possibilieties to chose
> Can you post a screenshot?
> Jürgen
No, because I did not know how to do a screen shot with the Fujitsu 
lifebook (nothing worked with DRUCK, ALT DRUCK, ALT GR DRUCK and trying 
to paste it in Gimp).

I renamed .lyx, started lyx anew and the Document> settings is now 
showing up again

So this is solved, but would like to know why it failed before.


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