change text of TOC

Bart Kremers bart at
Tue Jan 7 06:48:00 UTC 2020

Dear members,

thank you for the help. This really helped me.


Op 18-12-2019 om 03:39 schreef Richard Kimberly Heck:
> On 12/17/19 4:09 AM, Bart Kremers wrote:
>> Dear Members,
>> If i put a table of contents in my document I always get the text
>> "contents" above the TOCin my document. I would like to change this to
>> something else for instance "table of contents" or whatever. How can I
>> do this?
> It depends upon the document class. For the standard book and article
> classes:
> \renewcommand\contentsname{Table of Contents}
> should do the trick.
> Riki

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