Creating custom shortcut for cross-referencing

Hung-Tzu Chang htchang at
Wed Jan 1 06:53:50 UTC 2020


I would like to ask about how to create custom keyboard shortcut for the
"Insert | Cross-Reference" function in LyX. I searched through the list in
Preferences->Editing->Shortcuts and couldn't find the corresponding item
for such function. I also searched through the LyX bind folder for the
program and found the function "reference-insert" in the file "aqua.bind".
However, the function "reference-insert" cannot be found in the preference
menu. Manually adding the "reference-insert" line to the bind file
user.bind in the .config folder doesn't work. The LyX version in question
is 2.3.3 (both Windows and Mac).

Thank you and happy new year!

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