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According to my understanding of:

Embedded Objects,
Margin Notes

more than one Margin Note within the same paragraph are always placed on the same side of the document; either right or left for single sided documents and either inner or outer for double sided documents.

My Obstacles:
I need a solution which allows me to place TWO Margin Notes within the same paragraph AND on the same line, with:
1. one Margin Note being placed on the “left” side of the column, and the another being placed on the “right” side of the column.
2. the ability to specify the two Margin Notes as either left or right in a double sided document rather than a inner or outer.

For example:

Left Margin Note	First Paragraph line 1		Right Margin Note
			First paragraph line 2
			First paragraph line 3

Left Margin Note	Second paragraph line 1	Right Margin Note
			Second paragraph line 2
			Second paragraph line 3

I am making comments on a book and need comments on each side of each paragraph. The negative comments always placed on the left and the positive comments always placed to the right.

What document class is needed?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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