LyX now won't display text on screen

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Fri Dec 6 19:57:44 UTC 2019

On 06/12/2019 06:07, Kornel Benko wrote:
> Am Thu, 5 Dec 2019 11:37:52 -0500
> schrieb "Paul A. Rubin" <parubin73 at>:
>> On 12/4/19 8:48 PM, John O'Gorman wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> Help!
>>> After messing about with trying to insert 2 jpeg  images, I now cannot
>>> see any of the text.
>>> It is still there and appears when I convert to PDF via pdflatex.
>>> In LyX itself, where the text should be there are brownish thin lines.
>>> I've looked at the lyx file itself (with vi) and cannot see anything
>>> wrong.
>>> The same file copied to other Linux machines and an iMac all still
>>> behave OK under LyX.
>>> My machine is an Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro running LyX 2.3.3 on OpenSUSE
>>> tumbleweed
>>> We've already reinstalled LyX and LateX - no difference
>>> I would be grateful for any suggestions?
>>> Regards
>>> John O'Gorman
>> When you reinstalled LyX, did you get rid of your user directory?
>> If you can switch to a different user account on your machine, does that
>> account also get the garbled display?
>> Paul
>> b
> Maybe better to check your screen-font settings.
> Check in the userdir:
> $egrep screen_zoom preferences
> (100 is default)
> Normally it is set by
> Tools->Preferences...->Look & Feel->Screen Fonts->Default zoom%
> 	Kornel
Thanks for the replies so far - but they are not the solution!

I did try creating a new user - that worked! and for the new user LyX 
worked as normal.

Under my normal user name, I found that the file ~.lyx/preferences 
existed but using the LyX interface to alter thinks made no difference.

Default Zoom seems by default to be 150%. Changing it to 100% made no 
apparent difference

Removing the preferences file and reinvoking LyX resulted in a new 
preferences file being created but again no change of behaviour.

We seem to have established that the problem is not in the LyX files but 
somewhere in the user directory.

Any further suggestions would be welcome.


John O'Gorman

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