LyX & compiling conference proceedings from PDF files

Bernt Lie Bernt.Lie at
Sat Nov 30 12:41:48 UTC 2019

I’m attempting to compile conference proceedings using LyX 2.3.3.

I have successfully inserted one PDF-file into LyX (Insert/File/External Material). Some questions:

1.       Do I have to insert the files one by one (some 40 files), or can I insert all at the same time? [I guess I can experiment with this...]

2.       The pdf files are without headers/footers, and without page numbers.

a.       Is it possible to have the files show up at 100% size (they are A4) within my A4 size LyX file, and overlay headers and footes defined in the LyX file?

b.       Is it possible to overlay page numbers from LyX, i.e., using a global counter in LyX (say, preface with roman page numbering i-iv, then papers with arab page numbers, say Paper 1 p. 1-6, Paper 2 p. 7-11, etc.)?

Thanks for your suggestions!

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