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On 27-Nov-19 9:39 PM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:

I try to insert a pdf graphic in a float of a book document, but get error converting in a loadable format. What do I have to set in the tools>file handling>converters to make it work, respectively, in which help file and where there do I find infos? Its an older file (2016) which used to work. Has something changed in the meantime?


Does this problem occur when you open the file and when LyX tries to show the PDF or when you compile the file (e.g with pdflatex)? I am trying to understand if this is a LyX issue or latex issue.

There were questions about PDF is not converted correctly for LyX preview in the list, which is related to PDF to PNG conversion, and I had the following recommendation for such problems. I do not know if this is your problem but worth to remind this:

Default LyX will show the PDFs with lower quality on the screen, when scaled. To solve this problem you need to tell to increase the resolution of the preview image as follows:

  *   Make sure the convert utility of ImageMagick is installed and the utility "convert" is made available to path.
  *   Start LyX and do not open a file.
  *   Go to "Preferences" under the "Tools" menu.
  *   Go to "Converters" under the "File Handling" section.
  *   Select "PDF(graphics)" from "From Format:" and "PNG" from "To Format:"
  *   To "Converter:" write : convert -density *** -trim -quality 100 -sharpen 0x1.0 $$i $$o, where *** can be 200 to start with. You may try other values based on the results.
  *   Click "Add" button.
  *   Click "Apply" button.
  *   Click "Save" button.
  *   Select "Reconfigure" under "Tools" menu.
  *   Restart LyX.

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