Lyx not compiling any more

Stefano stefano.fachin at
Tue Nov 26 07:42:57 UTC 2019

I had the same problem on two different Win10 PCs with Miktex. At the 
end (that is, after repeated reinstallations of Lyx and Miktex) on one 
the combo Lyx+Miktex is working, on the other is not. I got out of it 
only replacing Miktex with Texlive (which, BTW, is somehow now suggested 
on Lyx's webpage, because of recent bugs in Miktex).
One user suggested me that Windows automatic updates may be introducing 
changes which affecting Miktex. If for some reason Windows is not 
perfectly aligned on my two PCs that could explain this baffling behaviour.
good luck


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