Fwd: Why does lyx add: '\noindent' when generating my .tex file

Ralph Boland rpboland at gmail.com
Sat Nov 16 16:56:30 UTC 2019

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From: Jürgen Spitzmüller <spitz at lyx.org>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2019 at 00:15
Subject: Re: Why does lyx add: '\noindent' when generating my .tex file
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> Am Freitag, den 15.11.2019, 17:09 -0700 schrieb Ralph Boland:
> > Alas, I do not know why Lyx added the  '\noindent' code.  I did not
> > tell it to do so and so
> > now I (foolishly?) assume I have found a Lyx bug!

> I don't know how it cae there, but the solution is: go to the two
> respective lines ((a) if c = d then \,\,return B), open the paragraph
> settings dialog, and check "Indent Paragraph".

> Jürgen

Thanks Jurgen,  your help has added to my insight into the problem.
Unfortunately it hasn't solved the problem.

The lines (paragraphs) in question,
in fact I think every line in the document of my Lyx file,
have the "Indent Paragraph"  box checked.

So I repeat:  is this a Lyx bug?   Is there anything I can do so that
the "\noindent"
code is not added by Lyx to the .tex file?

Thanks for any help received.

Ralph Boland

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