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Steve Litt slitt at
Sat Nov 16 09:34:59 UTC 2019

On Fri, 15 Nov 2019 17:45:40 -0800
John White <john at> wrote:

> For some unknown reason, my lyx fonts on all files suddenly 
> became too tiny to read. Internet says use mouse wheel to fix, 
> which works fine (I borrowed one).  But my laptop doesn't have a 
> mouse or a mouse wheel.  Any alternative way of getting normal 
> font size back on a mouse-less laptop? I may not be able to 
> borrow a mouse next time this happens.
> John

From your past posts I know you use Debian, but not what WMDE. When I'm
in LyX, the mouse wheel doesn't magnify, it scrolls the text. See if
the following happened around the time of the shrinkage: Update of Debian, 
your WMDE, or your LyX.

You can buy a very high quality wireless USB mouse for twenty bucks.
You don't need to borrow one. My favorite is this one: I have a bunch,
they work on any kind of mouse pad or lack thereof, the pointer is fast
and crisp and needs no acceleration, and it's under ten bucks:

Obviously you need to wait for it to come back in stock.  Nowadays I
use only Blue Trace mice. Linux' mouse pointer handling is bad, but
with Bluetrace mice Linux performs brilliantly.


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