texlive 2019 install

UD Kap ehud.kaplan at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 00:19:21 UTC 2019

I used the TexLive installer rather than the Ubuntu package manager 
because I wanted to use TLMGR to update the TexxLive packages.  The 
Ubuntu repositories are notoriously out of date.

Ehud Kaplan

On 11/7/19 9:48 AM, Helge Hafting wrote:
> Den 12.10.2019 17:46, skrev UD Kap:
>> In the few times I had to install TexLive in Linux, it was always a 
>> nightmare (paths, privileges, dependencies..), especially to get an 
>> installation in which tlmgr was working.  It is frustrating that such 
>> an important piece of software doesn't have a smooth installation 
>> method.  I realize that they want to have a system which can be 
>> updated without the linux package manager, but there ought to be some 
>> better way.
> If you want easy TexLive in Linux, install using the distro package 
> manager ONLY.  Many distros do a good job packaging texlive, and offer 
> easy upgrades whenever TexLive itself is updated.  TexLive may be 
> split into 5-10 packages; pick what you need or just install all of it 
> if you want an easy (albeit disk-consuming) install.
> This goes for any software. Use the distro package manager, and only 
> that.  Obviously, go for a distro that packages just about all the 
> software you want.  Debian, or some Debian-derivative like Ubuntu may 
> be a good choice.
> Downloading software and installing it outside the package manager is 
> possible, but it is always more work than just using the package 
> manager. Keeping such software up-to-date is more work, and sometimes 
> the package manager will install upgrades not compatible with your 
> "outsider" software. There are usually no such problems when using the 
> package manager exclusively.  (It may happen, but that is considered a 
> bug in the distro, so they work hard to avoid that.)
> Installing a big piece of software, such as Texlive, outside of the 
> distro package manager is harder. You will then have to deal with 
> paths, privileges and dependencies.  That may be ok for an experienced 
> linux sysadmin - but it is not a smooth method. For smooth, use the 
> package manager every time, and a distro that has what you need.
> Helge Hafting
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