Some issues with the latest update of MikTeX

Baris Erkus bariserkus at
Thu Nov 7 08:20:27 UTC 2019

On 07-Nov-19 11:10 AM, Baris Erkus wrote:
> I would like to report that there are some issues with the latest MikTeX
> update that was published just couple of days ago.
> I became aware of the issue when I wanted to compile a two page document
> that was compiling just fine before updating my MikTeX installation.
> LyX reported that iftex.sty was missing. I checked MikTeX and indeed
> iftex package was somehow not loaded in the package list, which is
> awkward since I have installed "all" MikTeX packages and everything is
> expected to be there. It does not make sense MikTeX remove some standard
> packages during a MikTeX update.
> Anyhow I installed the missing package (iftex) using MikTeX package
> manager. There were also other packages that appeared not to be
> installed; I also installed all of them to have the complete package in
> the MikTeX system.
> I re-run the LyX file, and LyX gave same error. Then, I found out that
> the iftex folder is actually empty although it appears as installed in
> the MikTeX package list.
> I manually downloaded the package from CTAN and copied to the proper
> latex/iftex folder. I reconfigured LyX and the error is gone. However,
> this time, if I wanted to reun the sample LyX file, LyX still tries to
> start MikTeX and tries to search for iftex package and gives error.
> Maybe I should clear the cache or temp folder or smtg.
> As a conclusion, there appears to be some issues with the latest update
> of MikTeX, at least for my case. This is also effecting LyX. LyX is
> getting confused with the reconfigure and cannot configure it properly.
> Please do not install the latest MikTeX update till you make sure it is
> safe to do so.
I ahve solved the LyX-iftex problem. I updated package database and 
refresh file names from within MikTeX and now LyX is working fine.

Anyhow maybe it is just related to my case, but good to have some heads-up.

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