How to Elegantly "Unbold" Description Label in LyX & Output?

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Tue Nov 5 18:36:33 UTC 2019

On 11/5/19 10:38 AM, Joel Kulesza wrote:
> Colleagues,
> What is the recommended way to reconfigure the description environment
> to not be bold in LyX and in the output.  For the output, I might use
> \renewcommand{\descriptionlabel}[1]{\hspace{\labelsep}\normalfont{#1}}

You might want to look at enumitem.sty. It provides a nice interface for
altering such things.

> However, it's not clear how best to set the description to not show
> "bold" in the interface (so that I can selectively apply bolding to my
> label and have it appear faithfully in LyX and in the output). 
> Section of the User Guide would seem to be the place to find
> the information—have I overlooked it elsewhere?

Customization manual, chapter 5, esp. section 5.3.

> I've tried setting a local layout to override the standard
> "description" definition, but validation suggests that it's invalid
> (below my signature).  Even copying the definition from
> fails validation...

I'm guessing you are missing a "format" tag. But you don't need to copy
the whole definition. Just:

Format 66

Style Description
        Series Medium

This overrides the previous definition of the LabelFont.


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