How to Elegantly "Unbold" Description Label in LyX & Output?

Joel Kulesza jkulesza at
Tue Nov 5 15:38:34 UTC 2019


What is the recommended way to reconfigure the description environment to
not be bold in LyX and in the output.  For the output, I might use


However, it's not clear how best to set the description to not show "bold"
in the interface (so that I can selectively apply bolding to my label and
have it appear faithfully in LyX and in the output).  Section of
the User Guide would seem to be the place to find the information—have I
overlooked it elsewhere?

I've tried setting a local layout to override the standard "description"
definition, but validation suggests that it's invalid (below my
signature).  Even copying the definition from fails

Any thoughts you can provide are appreciated.

Thank you,


# Removed the LabelFont definition -> fails validation before and after.

Style Description
  Category              List
  Margin                First_Dynamic
  LatexType             Item_environment
  LatexName             description
  NextNoIndent          1
  LeftMargin            MM
  LabelSep              xxx
  ParSkip               0.4
  ItemSep               0.2
  TopSep                0.7
  BottomSep             0.7
  ParSep                0.3
  Align                 Block
  AlignPossible         Block, Left
  LabelType             Manual
  HTMLTag               dl
  HTMLAttr              class='description'
  HTMLItem              dd
  HTMLLabel             dt
  HTMLLabelFirst        1
    dl.description dt { font-weight: bold; }
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