"Undefined font command \sc"

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue Oct 29 22:07:07 UTC 2019

I'm stymied. A report that compiled before now throws an error when I try to
preview it (using psdvi) or compile it (using pdflatex).

The error is "Class scrreport Error: undefined old font command '\sc'" and
it is found in a bibliographic reference:

          Adamus, P.R., Clairain, E.J., Jr., Smith, R.D., \& Young, R.E.} 1987.
You should note that since 1994 LaTeX2e provides a new font selection scheme

However, the reference database (managed by kbibtex) has this entry:

 	abstract = {This manuai outlines a wetland Evaluation Techniaue (WET) for the
 	assessment of wetland functions and values (WET) is a revision of
 	the method developed for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
 	that has often been referred to as the "Federal Highway Method" or
 	the "Adamus Method".
 	author = {Adamus, P.R. and Clairain, E.J., Jr. and Smith, R.D. and Young, R.E.},
 	institution = {US Army Corps of Engineers},
 	keywords = {wetlands, evaluation, functions, method},
 	pagetotal = {269},
 	subtitle = {Vol. II: Methodology},
 	title = {Wetland Evalulation Technique (WET)},
 	year = {1987}

There is no '\sc' in the entry. The kbibtex file settings have Encoding set
to UTF-8.

Looking at the entire error report _all_ references are preceeded by the
'\sc' font command, but they don't show up in the database. Where might
these error originate?



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