Lyx for Windows

Wolfgang Engelmann engelmann at
Mon Oct 28 07:30:39 UTC 2019

Am 28.10.19 um 01:08 schrieb Paul A. Rubin:
> On 10/27/19 9:57 AM, Joel Kulesza wrote:
>>> I have a colleague with whom I would like to write a book chapter. 
>>> I am under Linux, he uses Windows. Is the following advice 
>>> sufficient or should I mention more points?
>>> Lyx for windows
>>> 1- Installing TeXLive for Windows over Internet
>>> use Custom install
>>> and follow the proposal below the Texlive 2018 figure
>>> Click install texlive
>> This is the same advice I’d give. However, I’ve generally had bad 
>> luck successfully installing TeXLive on Windows and still usually end 
>> up with MiKTeX.  You might want to be prepared for this contingency.
>> - Joel
> I am working with a coauthor on a paper, both using LyX. I'm on Linux 
> + TeXLive; she's on Windows + MikTeX. We have had no problems with the 
> collaboration, including using the change tracking features. So I 
> agree with Joel that there is no need to mess with TeXLive on the 
> Windows platform (where MikTeX is the more typical choice). Both 
> parties just need to be sure they have any required packages installed.
> Paul
I am overwhelmed by the many helpful advises. For the time being I will 
use my linux LyX and ask my colleague to use MikTeX, since at the start 
I want him to be able to read all my lyx notes in which I collected the 
results of new publications since the last edition in 2015. I remember a 
note where TeXLive was recommended over MikTeX for some reason. I guess 
this is no issue any more. I have to dig into the Github proposal for a 
possible later use. Does John's advice to use identical versions of LyX 
mean to use 2.3.3 (which I use) also under Windows? I did not find this 
version for MikTeX.

Thanks a lot to all of you,


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