More obvious feedback when a reconfigure is in process

Cris Fuhrman fuhrmanator at
Sat Oct 26 22:07:42 UTC 2019


While trying some various installs of MiKTeX recently, I had to reconfigure
LyX several times. At one point, I was trying to change the settings and
the menu wasn't working. Finally I realized that the reconfigure was still
running, and that I had just been duped by the fact that the only feedback
is on a status line at the bottom of the window (which wasn't changing
because the step the reconfigure on was one that takes more than 10 seconds
on my machine sometimes (fonts?)).

Anyway, I wondered why there isn't an progress-bar type dialog or something
with more feedback when doing a reconfigure? It can take as long as a
minute on one of my machines.


C. Fuhrman
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