Reuse MikTeX from Win10 in WSL

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Onderwerp: Reuse MikTeX from Win10 in WSL


The trouble is that, like many things WSL, I wind up with two installations of the same library (MikTeX from Win 10 and TexLive from Ubuntu install of LyX). I know a MikTeX exists for Ubuntu, so I got to thinking maybe I could configure it to point to the Win 10 installation.


Yes, this is possible; that is to say I once did this under a dual boot of W10 and Lubuntu. Install MikTeX in the usual way under one system, say W10, then install the basics under the other system, WSL, and add the W10 install TEXMF root directory, where the packages are, as user root directory under WSL.  Of course, in this construct, packages can only be updated under W10.

It should also be possible to share between TeXLive and MikTeX in a similar way.

I don’t do this anymore, since HD are cheap nowadays. 



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