texlive 2019 install

Wolfgang Engelmann engelmann at uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Oct 14 08:31:51 UTC 2019

Am 14.10.19 um 02:31 schrieb Paul A. Rubin:
> On 10/13/19 4:47 PM, UD Kap wrote:
>> It must mean, then, that my pain threshold is much lower than Paul's, 
>> because I am (usually) using linux Mint-XFCE ;-)
>> E.Kaplan
>> On 10/12/19 2:14 PM, Paul A. Rubin wrote:
>>> On 10/12/19 1:37 PM, Steve Litt wrote:
>>>> Hi Ehud,
>>>> Your TexLive installation problems in Linux might be distro-related. I
>>>> use Void Linux,  and it installs easy as a Void package. My only
>>>> problem is once a year, a new year is added to the /opt/texlive tree,
>>>> and I need to use tlmgr to update or install a bunch of things. It's
>>>> about a 5 hour process, once a year.
>>>> StveT
>>>> On Sat, 12 Oct 2019 11:46:41 -0400
>>>> UD Kap <ehud.kaplan at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> In the few times I had to install TexLive in Linux, it was always a
>>>>> nightmare (paths, privileges, dependencies..), especially to get an
>>>>> installation in which tlmgr was working.  It is frustrating that such
>>>>> an important piece of software doesn't have a smooth installation
>>>>> method. I realize that they want to have a system which can be
>>>>> updated without the linux package manager, but there ought to be some
>>>>> better way.
>>>>> E.Kaplan
>>> It's pretty painless in Linux Mint (and, presumably, Ubuntu).
>>> Paul
> I have to admit that I've only used tlmgr (via its GUI) once or twice. 
> I have plenty of disk space, so when I need a particular class or font 
> I just install (via Synaptic) the package that contains it, and live 
> with the eight zillion other things that are now installed but will 
> never be used. Synaptic handles anything involving paths and 
> dependencies. So my pain tolerance (currently being tested by various 
> teams that I root for) generally does not come into play. :-)
> Paul
Thanks all of you for your responses. What I plan to do is to use for 
the time being my TexLive and Lyx installation under Debian Tina on my 
notebook. On the coming Friday to Sunday is the Dante Fall Meeting (see 
https://www.dante.de/veranstaltungen/dante2019/Programm/) in Kirchheim, 
South Germany and I will try to clarify there the issues I have. Will 
report back to the Lyx User Group. Thanks for all your help and patience.


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