LyX-2.3.3: citation issue

Paul A. Rubin parubin73 at
Fri Oct 11 21:31:46 UTC 2019

On 10/11/19 2:24 PM, Rich Shepard wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Oct 2019, Paul A. Rubin wrote:
>> If, instead of pushing references via kbiblatex-0.7.7, you just add the
>> entire .bib file to the document (Insert > List / TOC > Bib(la)TeX
>> Bibliography, Add... to find and add the .bib file) and then select
>> references from that, does it work? If yes, you should be good to go. If
>> not, maybe that particular entry in the .bib file is malformed.
> Paul,
> I added the .bib file, but deleted (twice) the added bibliography list
> because it appeared to now be part of the document.
> That citation is now in the list in the left panel as well as in the 
> right
> panel (selected).
> When I cleared that addition, the citation was in place. But, when I 
> tried
> to compile the document it again failed with errors about unicode 
> characters
> U+00B0 (the degree symbol) and U+0093 (whatever that is).
> In lyx Documents -> Settings -> Language -> Other is set to Unicode 
> (utf8).
> Yet there must now be something else that needs to be changed. Any ideas?
> Regards,
> Rich
Rich, you sure know how to have fun.

Per Uncle Google, U+0093 is "set transmit state", which I think is 
something SkyNet sends to terminators right before giving them targeting 
instructions. (Not trying to frighten you, just saying ...) It may also 
be associated with some sort of control characters, opening quotation 
marks or who knows what.

Are the offending characters coming from your .bib file, or are they in 
your document text? I did a little experiment with the degree symbol in 
LyX. If it is in the body of the document, you can add it from Insert > 
Special Character > Symbols... > Latin-1 Supplement (top row, near the 
end, at least on my machine). If it's in the .bib file, you might want 
to replace it with \textdegree (and then be sure to load the textcomp 
package, which LyX does automatically if I insert it using the first 
approach). Note that all this is with Document > Settings > Language... 
 > Encoding set to default. I know just enough about Unicode to be very, 
very afraid of it.

Hard to say what to do about "set transmit state" without knowing why 
it's there (and where it is). If it might be somewhere around some 
quotation marks, particularly quotation marks that got copied from 
outside LyX and pasted in, you might want to overwrite them with new 
quotation marks just in case.


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