Suddenly, doc won't complie

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Thu Oct 10 21:59:32 UTC 2019

On Thu, 10 Oct 2019, Rich Shepard wrote:

> Now, pdflatex throws errors because {\textdegree} "the control sequence at
> the end of your line was never \defed". Please explain the error and how I
> fix all my ERT inserts.

Okay. I had to manually replace all instances of {\textdegree} with inline
math mode: superscript C or superscript F. PITA! There are a lot of the when
I write about water temperatures.

So, now that I changed the lyx encoding to utf8 I can use kbibtex for
citations ... I expect.

What do I do about all the LaTeX symbols I'm used to inserting in an ERT
box, most are \text<something> such as degree or section.

I'll be happy to make changes to how I enter these symbols when I know how
to do them. And I guess I need to learn how to write functions to automate
these insertions.

But ... the document compiled!!! Yea, Riki!!

Best regards,


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