Suddenly, doc won't complie

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Thu Oct 10 09:09:09 UTC 2019

On 10/9/19 6:52 PM, Rich Shepard wrote:
> I changed the name of the .lyx document (on the command line, not within
> lyx), opened it in lyx and compiled it using pdflinux.
> Seeing that the figures (set at 100% text width) took up too much room on
> the pages and disrupted the text flow, I started changing the widths
> to 75%
> text width. Now when I try to compile it with ctrl-x h it fails with a
> bunch
> of error messages (see attached screenshot.) These look like they're
> in the
> bibliography, but clicking on each one highlights various lines of
> text in
> the document that have nothing to do with what's displayed in the lower
> window. 

LyX isn't always good about identifying the locations of errors,
especially when they're in the preamble or bibliography.

> The bibliography entries were inserted by kbibtex and there was no
> problem producing a .pdf file before I started to change the figure
> sizes.

The use of kbibtex is the problem, I suspect. (Sorry.) The default
settings save LaTeX constructs such as '--' as the Unicode equivalents
(in that case, an en-dash). You can see this in the file itself. To stop
kbibtex from doing that, you have to set the file encoding in kbibtex
itself, which you can do in the 'file settings' pane on the left when
you have the file open. Unless you have backups, you'll need to change
all the en-dashes back to --, etc. Alternatively, you can change the
encoding of the LyX file itself to Unicode (which maybe you want to do


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