[lyx-users] Alternatives to JabRef?

Niklas Huldén nhulden at abo.fi
Mon Oct 7 07:34:12 UTC 2019

On 04-10-2019 18:51, Rich Shepard wrote:
> For years I've used JabRef to manage my scientific references. The two
> latest versions, 4.3.1 and 5.0.0 don't allow me to highlight text in a PDF
> file and paste it in a JabRef data entry field. This behavior is not
> acceptable to me; I don't want to type long abstracts by hand when
> highlighting and pasting used to work very well. The JabRef website does 
> not
> have access to older versions.

I can't reproduce this behavior with JabRef 4.3.1 on windows 10. No 
problem pasting text from Pdf to datafields in JabRef.

Best regards
Niklas H.
> Or, is there a way of cutting-and-pasting text from xpdf or mupdf to jabref
> that I've not discovered?
> Are there alternatives stand-alone, desktop applications that can put
> citations and refernces in a .lyx document like JabRef does, and has 
> keyword
> groups for quickly finding relevant references?
> The lyx wiki page on bibtex editors has several links that go elsewhere 
> than
> where the description says they should go, and a couple of broken links.
> TIA,
> Rich

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