[lyx-users] Okular available for windows 10 & LyX SyncTeX Wiki page

Ben Houcine benhoucine at rocketmail.com
Sun Oct 6 03:10:24 UTC 2019

Can you update the LyX SyncTeX page because someone edited it on July 2019 and left it incomplete, particularly the section describing Sumatra PDF.I would also notice that Okular is available in Windows 10 via Microsoft Store (not recommended because Windows install it in a extremely secured and hidden folder C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\) and Chocolatey the recommended version. The version in Chocolatey is the more recent (even that the one MS Store is new) while the one in Cygwin is older.I tried all these three versions and Synctex with LyX work more or less fine except the issue of "okular unique instance control" doesn't works right.Okular could a good replacer for the semi-abandoned Sumatra-PDF and needs more attention from LyX developers. Particularly, the linux "LyXClient" editor configuration in Okular need a port to windows.
H. Ben
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