Wrong order of footnote numbers in tables with afterpage

_johnny7_ger at web.de _johnny7_ger at web.de
Tue May 25 10:46:26 UTC 2021


I have several multi-page tables in my document. With the package
afterpage it is convenient to force them to always begin on a new page
which works well. I also want to use footnotes in those tables - I am
aware that this is fragile - but this also works as expected. There is
one little flaw, however, the footnote numbering does not correspond
anymore to their actual order.

In LyX I have:
Footnote 1
(afterpage:) Table with Footnote 2
Footnote 3

In the output I have:
Footnote 1
Table with Footnote 3
Footnote 2

That is probably because Footnote 3 is in a paragraph that begins before
the table. Is there any way to correct this numbering, even if manually
for each case?

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