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Mon May 17 07:49:07 UTC 2021

On Monday, May 17, 2021 7:20:40 AM WEST Daniel wrote:
> Perfect, thanks. I missed that. I guess because "Table-wide settings"
> sounds as if some setting that is normally applied only per
> column/row/cell is applied table-wide. So, I had mistaken it for the
> text-alignment within the table. I am not a native speaker but maybe
> there is some more suitable term than "Table-wide" for this.
> I am also wondering whether the options could be more descriptively
> labelled "Baseline at top", "Baseline centered", "Baseline at bottom".
> That is what Libre Office uses for graphics alignment.
> Daniel

I had thought about this because initially I thought it to be confusing.
In this case I think that "Table-wide" describes what it is doing. The issue I 
have is that for me it is not easy to immediately distinguish that in the 
"Table settings" there are 4 sections:

* Column settings;
* Row settings;
* Cell settings;
* Table-wide settings.

The visual distinction makes it to appear as if this tab deals with Columns 
settings because it is what it shows centered in the first row.

In terms of logic probably we could send the "Table-wide settings" to its own 
major tab, together with "Borders" and "Multi-Page Table".
So the major tabs could be "Local Settings"; "Global Settings", "Borders" and 
"Multi-Page Table".

Or we could replace "Local Settings" by "Column/Row/Cell"...

It is not an easy task to find what it is the right balance here. :-)
José Abílio
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