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Tue Mar 30 17:45:03 UTC 2021

Am 30.03.21 um 17:29 schrieb Yu Jin:
> Am Di., 30. März 2021 um 10:54 Uhr schrieb Wolfgang Engelmann 
> <engelmann at <mailto:engelmann at>>:
>     How do I get the nomenclature to show up in the table of contents?
>     I found, that idxtotoc should be added to the class option in the
>     Document Class (I use Koma script book)
>     This is, what I have in the class option (default of Koma script?):
>     refpage,intoc,bibliography=totoc,index=totoc,BCOR7.5mm,captions=tableheading
>     but I don't know whether index=totoc is the same as idxtotoc, or should
>     I add idxtotoc=??
> I did it like this:
> In Document settings > local layouts insert
> PackageOptions nomencl intoc
> -- 
>      Eugene
Thanks again. I do get now the Nomenclature listed, however, the output 
is scrambled. I had this in the preamble before for a two column 
nomenclature (here with % added). Doesn't seem to go along with the
PackageOptions nomencl intoc
With this package it is still scrambled, but differently (the
description text is too much pushed to the right of the symbol in bold.
Is there another way to get the two columns? And were can I read about 
the settings?

% Two column nomenclature ========================
%{\def\wilh at nomsection{section}}
%{\def\wilh at nomsection{chapter}}
%\csname\wilh at nomsection\endcsname*{\nomname}
%\if at intoc\addcontentsline{toc}{\wilh at nomsection}{\nomname}\fi
%\labelwidth\nom at tempdim
% \end{multicols}

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