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> On Sat, 27 Mar 2021, Doug Martin wrote:
> > I also use Jabref and have a very large bibliography that I would like to
> > be able to draw on for other papers, and would think about using that
> > large bibliography (with enhancements) as my master bibliography.
> Doug,
> I suppose that if you're collaborating with others on a document you'd want
> a document-specific bibliography. On the other hand, there's no harm in
> using a single bibliography, even with collaborators.
> > But it seems that when you use the Jabref external link you have to give
> > up using the Lyx-Citation dialog? When you say "insertion in the text" do
> > you mean the LYX text?
> I'm not sure I understand, but assuming I do I'll answer your questions
> with
> "no" and "yes."

Rich,  Thanks for your quick response.

> Attached is a sample of a JabRef-inserted citation in the LyX text. I can
> click on that grey box and change the format of the citation. Is that the
> lyx-citation dialog to which you refer?

I mean the dialog you get when you choose Citation from the Insert Dropdown
When I use that I can only use references that are in the specific bibTex
file I use for the
book or paper.

I'm guessing that you don't use that dialog and somehow when you insert a
citation using
the Jabref external link, you choose directly from JabRef?  An example of
how you
do the initial insert would be helpful.


> As you can see, the citation is inserted in the text and the full reference
> is in the bibliographic listing (renamed References) at the end of the
> document.
> HTH,
> Rich
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