Rich Shepard rshepard at
Sat Mar 27 14:23:17 UTC 2021

On Sat, 27 Mar 2021, Doug Martin wrote:

> I also use Jabref and have a very large bibliography that I would like to
> be able to draw on for other papers, and would think about using that
> large bibliography (with enhancements) as my master bibliography.


I suppose that if you're collaborating with others on a document you'd want
a document-specific bibliography. On the other hand, there's no harm in
using a single bibliography, even with collaborators.

> But it seems that when you use the Jabref external link you have to give
> up using the Lyx-Citation dialog? When you say "insertion in the text" do
> you mean the LYX text?

I'm not sure I understand, but assuming I do I'll answer your questions with
"no" and "yes."

Attached is a sample of a JabRef-inserted citation in the LyX text. I can
click on that grey box and change the format of the citation. Is that the
lyx-citation dialog to which you refer?

As you can see, the citation is inserted in the text and the full reference
is in the bibliographic listing (renamed References) at the end of the



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