Wolfgang Engelmann engelmann at
Sat Mar 27 09:43:56 UTC 2021

Am 25.03.21 um 18:56 schrieb Wolfgang Engelmann:
> If I have two bib files in the bibliography; is the second one only 
> used, if the citation is NOT in the first one?
> Wolfgang
Perhaps I explained badly:
I have two relatively large bib files.
The first one contains (among many others) most of the needed references 
for my book.
The second one (among many others) those which are missing in the first 
I would like to get those into my document.
But I do not want to have any references of the first one to be replaced 
by the same references in the second bib file.

I have in my bibtex generated bibliography at the end of my document
and hope that the selection of lyx is in this order.
The reason is, that the second bib file contains fields such as abstract 
that I do not want in the final bib

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