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Paul A. Rubin parubin73 at
Thu Mar 25 21:02:32 UTC 2021

On 3/25/21 4:40 PM, Rich Shepard wrote:
> It's been a long time since I last wrote a document with a 
> bibliography. I
> have compilation issues on this one and cannot find a saved thread 
> with the
> solution.
> I switched from bibtex to biblatex last year (or earlier) and want to use
> the author-date format for citations. Since I upgraded to TeXLive-2020 
> I may
> have lost changes that worked.
> A MWE is attached (without the entire JabRef bibliography) as well as the
> full error log. I don't understand why I'm getting errors when I try to
> compile the file with pdflatex, yet the PDF is produced.
> I'm confused.
> TIA,
> Rich

Your MWE does not include a .bib file, so it's not possible to diagnose 
the exact problem. That said, your log's first encoding error looks as 
if pdflatex gagged on the dash(es) separating two page numbers in a 
reference. I suspect the offending characters are in the .bib file, and 
I would not be surprised if they come from a reference that was copied 
from a PDF file or some such and pasted into JabRef. The second encoding 
error seems to involve the same citations, and again seems to be in the 
vicinity of the page range, although the pathology appears slightly 


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