Parent-child book questions

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Thu Mar 25 19:35:06 UTC 2021

I'm writing a book (KOMA-Script book class) which I expect to be long so I
want to learn how to use the Parent-Child multi-source documents capabilities
of LyX. In the parent doc I've set each child to have its own bibliography
(references). I want a single index, but that's well in the future.

Reading in the Embedded Objects help manual (Sec 7.2) that, "To be able to
work on child documents without the need to open their master, specify in
the child document the master in the menu
Document->Settings->Document->Class. This master document will then be used
in the background by LyX when you edit the child document.", I tried to do
this. But, I cannot locate the parent document in the combo box and don't
know how to have LyX find the file in the "Local Layout" widget.

The source directory had the parent and child *.lyx files. There's also an
images/ subdirectory in which images for the child documents will be placed.
When I open the "Local Layout" widget I see only the images subdirectory.
When I click on that directory's parent and select the parent file's
directory the .lyx file is not displayed, only the images/ subdirectory.

What have I missed?

On another issue, I want to add the book's title and copyright in the footer
of each chapter's title page so they can be separately distributed. Can I
remove the footnote indicator on the chapter title and the number in the
footer for this?

I'm confident I'll have more questions as I learn this new way to create a



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