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Mon Mar 15 10:31:58 UTC 2021

Am 15.03.21 um 10:38 schrieb Dr Eberhard Lisse:
> Wolfgang,
> how is this produced?
> el
> On 12/03/2021 12:01, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>> If I insert the graphic (appended) in a lyx document, it looks 
>> blurish, although the original and in the pdf output it is clear. 
>> Looks like it is rendered to a pixel figure.
>> What is wrong?
>> Wolfgang
With pyxplot (similar to gnuplot, but better):

set multiplot
set term pdf
set width 6
set output './Kidd_2015-B.pdf'
set fontsize 0.65
set key top right

set origin 0,0
set xtics ("12" 12, "18" 18, "24" 24,"6" 30)
set xlabel 'circadian time'
set ytics 0,0.2,1.4
set ylabel 'amount of TIM protein'
set label 1 'nuclear translocation' at 16.8,1.12
set label 2 'transcription/translocation' at 11.3,0.2 rotate 50
set label 3 'repression/degradation' at 24.3,1 rotate -52

plot [9:33][0:1.5] './Kidd_2015-Fig2.csv' index 0 title 'lower 
temperature' with lines colour blue, './Kidd_2015-Fig2.csv' index 1 
title 'higher temperature' with lines colour red

set display

The date file Kidd_2015-Fig2.csv is in the appendix.
I got it by digitizing the plot in the publication by using engauge

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