blurish pdf figure

Wolfgang Engelmann engelmann at
Mon Mar 15 08:06:19 UTC 2021

Am 14.03.21 um 17:08 schrieb Paul A. Rubin:
> On 3/12/21 5:01 AM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>> If I insert the graphic (appended) in a lyx document, it looks 
>> blurish, although the original and in the pdf output it is clear. 
>> Looks like it is rendered to a pixel figure.
>> What is wrong?
>> Wolfgang
> Are you saying that it looks blurry in the LyX editor (but is clear when 
> the document being edited is compiled)

, or are you saying that putting
> it in a document and compiling that document to PDF results in the 
> compiled document containing a blurry image?


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